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We’re Sheri Fox and Jon Rawlinson, collectively known as ScrapHound Studio, a recent addition to the Sonoma County art scene. We have in the past been known as Mad Dog Metal, Jon Raw Designs and the owners of Trios Gallery. We recently moved to rural western Petaluma after 22 years in San Diego. Since our arrival we’ve been gathering various and sundry salvaged materials to create art and furniture. It’s amazing to see what some of these old barns contain!

Jon with Handmade Steel Bookcase

Jon with Handmade Steel Bookcase

We are both in love with steel. Our favorite is always the rusty sheet unearthed from the local scrap yard but we have a fondness for rustic barn wood, bent metal pipe, corroded gears – you get the picture. We not only love the search iteself but we are inspired by the materials we find, and saving something from the landfill makes us ridiculously happy.

Please follow along on our ScrapHound Studio adventures. I don’t tend to this blog as often as I should, especially now that our lives are filled with chickens and sheep, falling down barns and branches, and all that rural life has to offer, but I’ll try to update the blog once in a while. In the meantime, browse the portfolio pages using the menu above and check out what we do. You can also catch us more often on Facebook!

Sheri and Hector the Iguana

Sheri and Hector the Iguana

Thanks for visiting! Please use the links above to see more of our work. Email us with any questions or pricing requests.

(Our personal blog about gardening, sheep, chickens, homesteading and life in general can now be found HERE.)


8 responses to “About Us

  1. Amazing! I will be back to hear how your ScrapHound Studio Adventures go…really neat stuff you are making from what I can see! I can see those in the garden:-)


  2. Thanks Robbie! By the way I’m also The Unfettered Fox/veggie griller, not sure if you knew. I’m still figuring out this blog thing and never know who I am when I comment. Thx for visiting 🙂 ~ Sheri


  3. Oh super! Now I know who to go to about grilling veggies…You have amazing food ideas and a metal artist:-) I will visit both of your blogs now:-)


  4. Oh , I want to try your grilled beets idea as soon as I can get some a bit bigger to grill—so much better sounding than the old boil them:-)


  5. I have a large internal metal piece of a piano that would make a great table or sculpture and some stained glass if interested to trade for some scrap pieces and welding. I am interested to make different abstract crosses with some car parts involved in the pieces. Give me a call if you want to come by and look at them. Thanks, Jim.


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