Aaaaand We’re Back!

Well helloooo! Long time no see!

What can I say but it’s taken us SO MUCH LONGER to get back to work than we expected. Who knew life in the country would be so busy? Seems there are always 20+ projects demanding immediate attention. Whether we’re mulching downed branches that just barely missed our home in the recent storms, dusting the chickens for mites (eww – they don’t have them, that’s why we dust!), building yet another fence to keep the sheep away from eating yet another bush… well, you get the point.


But I am here to tell you that we are officially back to work with just one caveat – I have not resumed making animals yet, so critters are on hiatus. Otherwise we are excited to be back in the shop playing with fire! We have fun new materials to work with too as we’ve been collecting from neighboring ranches, vineyards, and rural hoarder-types whose barns are packed to the rafters with junk. Getting them to part with their junk is not always easy, but we are making headway.

We’ve already had a chance to use some newly collected scrap materials for projects around the house, like this farm table we built using Jon’s Grandpa’s trailer parts we lugged from San Diego and redwood planks we scored in our own barn. The wood was filthy but there’s nothing like 100-year-old redwood for durability and character!


We’ve also been slowly taking on commissions, like this wine storage table for some of our favorite and exceedingly patient clients from down south.

P1050386This table featured lots of found pipe and also allowed us to try something new, etching steel using chemical patinas and handmade stencils. A grapevine seemed fitting for our new life in Sonoma County!

P1050388We have also been really lucky to connect with the proprietors of many local businesses and we’ve been keeping fairly busy creating items for their shops, restaurants and catering gigs. I tried my hand at sign-painting and remade all the outdoor signs for our favorite little breakfast and lunch spot, Estero Cafe in Valley Ford.

IMG_5924For the owners of Rocker Oysterfellers and Firefly Catering, also based in Valley Ford, we created portable trays designed to hold french fry cones. This was a fun project and gave us the opportunity to use a variety of salvaged metal we’d collected, like the pencil rod from Kiger Family Vineyard, which Jon hammered into handles.

We also scored some beautiful redwood provided by Rockers’ owner Brandon Guenther. We made a set of six with interchangeable trays to make it really easy to load the cones in the kitchen, carry them around a party and set into whichever tabletop frame is empty.

P1050667Jon also built simple but super sturdy stands for heavy olive oil canisters for our neighbors at Freestone Artisan Cheese (where I happen to be a cheesemonger).

IMG_6471And I’ve started making Zen Hearts again, in case you’re in need of a small gift or want to bring a little extra love into your home.


So if you’ve got a project in mind give us a holler, we’re ready to make something cool!

~  Sheri & Jon, The ScrapHounds


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