The ScrapHounds Have Landed!

Let me start this post with my deepest apologies – we have big news and I have neglected you wonderful people who actually visit our website! I feel terrible, but please bear with me a minute and perhaps after you read this you’ll forgive me.

You’ve been neglected because we have been incredibly busy… drum roll please… moving to Northern California!


Jon and I decided not too long ago that the time was right to pick up stakes and move to the country. We spent many months flying and driving back and forth, poring over real estate listings, finishing up commissions and getting our home in Cardiff ready to sell. It was all quite overwhelming (this is my plea for forgiveness and maybe a little pity).


We lucked into a sunny little acre with a house, barns, garage and chicken coop surrounded by beautiful rolling hills. We’re now located in a tiny town in western Petaluma called Bloomfield, about an hour north of San Francisco. It’s a gorgeous area where our favorite things – art, local organic food, delicious wine, gardening, butterflies, serenity, rolling hills, trees, open space, individuality – are embraced and celebrated.

We also both grew up in the Bay Area so now we are closer to our parents and able to reconnect with old friends. Despite the challenges and associated chaos of relocating home and business and learning to live in the sticks we are thrilled to be here! And yes, we already have chickens, and they are awesome.


We are working on setting up shop and introducing ScrapHound Studio to Sonoma County. Ultimately we will be converting about 2000’sq of vintage barns into a really awesome workspace, but while we work on clearing out the rats, bats and blackberry vines we’ll be setting up shop in the garage. If all goes well we’ll be up and running (to some degree) by mid-November.

And that is our news! Our contact info has not changed so feel free to drop us a line and make plans to stop by the studio for a visit, we’d love to hear from you ~

Sheri & Jon, ScrapHound Studio


3 responses to “The ScrapHounds Have Landed!

  1. YAAYYYYYYY Sheri! After literally years and years of watching your life unfold, I’m so happy to hear you found yet another perfect place for this new chapter – congrats!!! Love and love!


  2. OMG Trista! It’s so great to hear from you! Thank you so much, we couldn’t be more excited to see what happens next. Hopefully it won’t be another year before I manage to update our website. I’d love if you’d visit me at my garden/food/butterfly blog too, – I tend to write there more often (and about sillier things) xoxoxo I hope all is wonderful in your world 🙂


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