About Us

August 16 – September 20, 2014

Party: Saturday, Aug. 16  ~  6 – 9 p.m.

996 N. Coast Hwy 101, Leucadia ~ 760-683-9499
(Located behind Regal Seagull)

monkeyin' around

After running Trios Gallery for 10 years, my sweetheart Jon and I leapt into our new lives as artists with hope in our hearts (and butterflies in our bellies). We share a tiny welding shop where I make quirky critters and he builds furniture.

Jon with Handmade Steel Bookcase

Jon with Handmade Steel Bookcase

We are both in love with steel. Our favorite is always the rusty, scratched up sheet unearthed from the local scrap yard. We love digging through the scrap heap looking for treasures and saving something from the landfill makes us ridiculously happy.

Please follow along on our ScrapHound Studio adventures. I forget to blog for long stretches, but I’ll try to update you on our latest projects and upcoming shows.

Sheri and Hector the Iguana

Sheri and Hector the Iguana

Thanks for visiting! Please use the links above to see more of our work. Email us with any questions or pricing requests.

(For anyone who’s interested, my gardening and cooking blog can now be found HERE.

7 responses to “About Us

  1. Amazing! I will be back to hear how your ScrapHound Studio Adventures go…really neat stuff you are making from what I can see! I can see those in the garden:-)

    • Thanks Robbie! By the way I’m also The Unfettered Fox/veggie griller, not sure if you knew. I’m still figuring out this blog thing and never know who I am when I comment. Thx for visiting :) ~ Sheri

      • Oh super! Now I know who to go to about grilling veggies…You have amazing food ideas and a metal artist:-) I will visit both of your blogs now:-)

      • Oh , I want to try your grilled beets idea as soon as I can get some a bit bigger to grill—so much better sounding than the old boil them:-)

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